About us

It's simple! We love burgers, craft beer and sharing!

Francis Platz was started with the idea of bringing a bit of Germany to Buenos Aires and to create a unique eating, drinking and sharing experience.

We believe life is better when shared, which is why our rooms have communitary tables. We strive to make everyone of our visitors feel at home, and to enjoy an evening at your own pace!

Our food

We work hard on using the best quality ingredients that we can find.

The meat, the bread, the fries, the sauces, most ingredients that we use are made or processed at the shop, making eating at Francis Platz an experience you'll look forward to doing often.

It's all fresh and hand-made!

Our drinks

At Francis Platz we believe in the growth of craft and micro breweries in Argentina. We offer a large selection of craft beers to complement our burgers!

But we also prepare the classic Buenos Aires drinks so that you can keep enjoying the night after eating as well!

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